Grand Prairie, Texas — Asia Times Square ushered in the year of the pig during its 12th Annual Lunar New Year Festival. Dozens of dancers, singers and vendors participated in the event Feb. 2.

Multiple lion dance troupes performed to usher in good luck for the new year. Vendors offered Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Thai food throughout the event.

Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 5 this year.

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Reese Oxner is The Shorthorn editor in chief.

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I meant that I'm surprised that they would accept this exclusionary behavior.


this is not exclusionary ! anyone can attend !


Odd that they would call this an Asian festival, but only offer foods from southeast Asian countries?
I noticed there no Russian, Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani, or any other food from outside the region. Remember that "Asian" is a continent, not a race. I would expect a school who takes pride in its diversity, to accept this type of exclusionary behavior.


I'm Lebanese. and as a lebanese person I will say, are you for real? this is a Lunar New Year Festival! this is a huge event in East Asian culture! stop trying to act fake woke! your comment is so ridiculous and ignorant . of course they dont have indian or lebanese or Russian food! this isnt their festival ! omggggggg


My wife is Lebanese, and children are also Lebanese/Russian/German. I am Russian/German. Don't tell me about the southeast Asians claiming being "Asian" as their own. My entire family is Asian and there is never any outreach to our community to take part in festivals advertised as being an "Asian Festival".
Take your sleepy comments somewhere else.

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