“Anytime is Crunch time.” That’s the motto for the new doughnut shop in town, Crunch Donut Factory, which stays open 24/7 beginning Saturday.

The shop allows creating a custom doughnut at the bar by adding icing and different toppings to the chosen base doughnut. They also have specialty doughnuts for those who don’t want to customize, such as their peanut, honey and banana doughnut, better known as the Selena Goomez, or their maple bacon bar, better know as the Kevin Bacon Bar.

“We really want people to have fun, laugh and enjoy their experience here,” said Jim Huntley, co-founder of Crunch Donut Factory.

Huntley runs the shop with his friend of 30 years, Mike Weyneth.

The duo hopes to create a new experience for buying doughnuts and takes pride in their craft of doughnut making. They will also be featuring their own craft coffee to pair with the doughnuts.

The millennials drive the craft donuts made at Crunch Donut Factory, Huntley said. They’re moving away from the corporate world, and they like craft, specialty and creativity, he said.

Huntley and Weyneth hope any future employee, or “doughnut artist,” shares their passion. They feel their employees should be happy, inviting and creative.

“Think of it like a bartender,” Weyneth said. “Sometimes you just walk in and say, make me a good drink. That’s how we want our employees to be.”

Along with making great doughnuts, the two emphasize that serving the community is very important to them. They hope to be involved and help out when possible. The shop even offers a free doughnut and coffee to any uniformed police officer.

The friends are both leaving behind long careers in different fields to have a business where they can give back.

“This is kind of our last hurrah and we’re going to do this together,” Weyneth said. “We’ve already worked and made money. Our motivation for this is to create something for the community and provide top-notch customer service.”



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