Photos: Arlington Fourth of July Parade delights crowds

Arlington resident Josh Riney holds his hand to his heart while watching the Arlington Fourth of July Parade on July 4 outside of College Park Center. Riney is a 2003 UTA alumnus.

Arlington resident Kent Miller said he has attended the Arlington Fourth of July parade as long as he can remember.

During his childhood, Miller would ride his bicycle in the parade as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. As a father now, he walks the parade while his son rides with the Boy Scouts.

“We just come out here and be patriotic and support our local community and celebrate the nation,” he said.

Miller said he changes his Fourth of July ensemble every year. This year, he sported a floppy Uncle Sam hat, red and blue shorts with stars and a star-shaped balloon tied to his lawn chair.

Miller was one of many dressed in celebration at the Thursday parade in downtown Arlington.

People clad in red, white and blue, and stars and stripes filled the streets surrounding the UTA campus while drums, sirens, cheers and laughter echoed off buildings.

Claudia Perkins, Arlington Fourth of July parade association board member, said Arlington’s parade is the largest one in Texas, with up to 30,000 to 50,000 attendees.

Professional cosplayer Chelle Jacobs said it was her second time participating in the Arlington parade as part of her cosplay group.

“Everything is so big and fun,” Jacobs said. “It’s a celebration.”

It’s a popular event because everyone in the city is welcoming visitors, she said, and Arlington is conveniently located where anyone in the Metroplex can attend.

Photos: Arlington Fourth of July Parade delights crowds

Allen resident Ola Ojo cheers on parade participants during the Arlington Fourth of July Parade on July 4 at South West Street. Ojo came with her Arlington-based church.

Elvis Presley imitator Brian Schober said he has attended the parade for the last seven years because of its size.

“People need the joy of seeing a grown man dressed as Elvis riding a little bike,” Schober said.

Dressed in a black wig, sparkly sunglasses, and a red, white and gold pantsuit, Schober rode his motorcycle up and down the streets, performing tricks.

Electrical engineering sophomore Kolin Kilpatrick said this was his first time attending the Arlington parade.

“It’s a lot of people, and it’s actually a lot of really cool floats,” he said. “A lot of them are from people, instead of, you know, when businesses come together and just kind of shamelessly advertise. So yeah, I think it’s pretty neat.”


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