Arlington restaurants make room for four-legged friends

J.R. Bentleys on Abram Street allows dogs on their patio. Dog friendly places are becoming more popular in Arlington.

Dogs know when dinner is, whether they’re waiting next to the stove as it’s being prepared, or sitting under the table waiting for someone to slip them a snack.

Many Arlington restaurants and bars invite dogs to dine out on their patios. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s a great opportunity to take furry friends out to eat.

To dine at any participating Arlington bars or restaurants, dogs must be rabies vaccinated and registered with the city of Arlington, or the owner could be fined, said Ambrea Franklin, Arlington community services agent.

While most restaurants only allow dogs on the patio, Caves Lounge allows dogs inside as well, bartender Jake Dority said. It is preferred that they are on a leash when inside, but they are free to roam on the back patio, he said.

Dority encourages owners to bring their dogs out on Sundays, but said to be cautious of bringing them on Thursday, which is karaoke night.

“We encourage dogs all the time, but on Sundays we have Sunday Funday, and we cook out on the back patio,” Dority said. “The only nights I would suggest not bringing them is on karaoke nights just because it gets so busy and loud, and sometimes, that can give dogs anxiety.”

Psychology senior Jordan Tyler DuBois and Sydnee Parkhurst, DuBois’ girlfriend and exercise science senior, said their dog Kinsler loves adventures and meeting anyone who will pet her. DuBois said she liked that Caves didn’t make her walk through a back gate or back entrance to bring their dog in.

“They brought out a water bowl for her, and everyone on the patio fawned over her,” DuBois said.

J.R. Bentley’s owner Dana Ladd said the restaurant started allowing dogs to dine on its patio when it reopened in April. She said employees offer bowls of water for dogs that dine on the patio as well.

“Everyone on staff loves having dogs around,” Ladd said. “It’s nice that dogs are being welcomed in businesses, so we would like to get the word out.”

DuBois said she thinks more local places should be lenient about allowing dogs on their patios to keep business in Arlington, rather than other cities, such as Fort Worth, where she and her girlfriend currently prefer to take their dog.

“So for the local guys who have great food and patio space, maybe making a little extra effort, like having dog bones and water bowls, would bring in the business that travels to Fort Worth,” DuBois said.

Nursing sophomore Jennifer Forsberg said she didn’t know of any places in Arlington that she could bring her dog, Jackson, but thinks more establishments should allow dogs.

“I truly believe that dogs not only bring happiness to not only their owners, but to complete strangers as well,” Forsberg said. “I think restaurants and businesses should take the opportunity to make their customers happier by allowing dogs in their establishments.”


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