Food trucks roll in to S.J. Stovall Park

Food trucks line up for the lunch portion of the Food Truck series on Sept. 16, 2014 at the Levitt Pavilion. The featured trucks for the lineup included Maui Wowi Hawaii, What's Cook-N Chef, The Smoke Wagon, Holy Frijole and Gandolfo's.

English junior Laura Nichols said convenience, good prices and quality are characteristics she looks for in a food truck.

“If you want the comforts of home, yeah, that’s probably a good way to go,” Nichols said.

Arlington residents will soon have the opportunity to have a meal out of a truck when food trucks come to S.J. Stovall Park on Friday nights from 5 to 10 p.m. starting Thursday and going through Oct. 9. The food truck lineup will be announced each Thursday before the event.

People who plan to attend are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets, because the seating is limited. The whole family is welcome.

Ricky Minter, owner of food truck Rockin Rick’s, said the food truck business is thoroughly dependent on the weather, and the hours are long and hard.

“When it’s super cold, you expect to get zip. When it’s hot, you expect to get zip,” Minter said. “Weather is everything in the food truck industry.”

He learned his trade while working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. He learned to cook Cajun food, and he’s using it.

His truck will be at Food Truck Friday Nights this weekend and will be serving up things like gumbo and po’boys.

Radhika Manivannan, computer science graduate student, said she looks for certain types of food when she goes to food trucks.

“I look for spicy food and Indian food,” Manivannan said.

Urban planning senior William Addington said he liked when the food trucks were on campus. He would like to see them come back, but thinks some things could be improved.

“I would love to see them on campus again, but maybe in a different location than before,” Addington said. “To me it makes sense that on the MAC side of campus, you know, in front of the Architecture Building, seems like a logical place.”

In the spring, Addington said the convenient thing about the food trucks was that he could walk to them. He wouldn’t have to leave campus and lose his parking space, but it was hot. Addington hopes waiting in line for the food in the fall will be better.

“For most people, they’re going to think it’s more advantageous to go when it’s cooler,” Addington said.

Addington said he had a strange schedule last semester, but when his schedule allows for it in the fall, he looks forward to visiting the food trucks. He likes the variety that a food truck lot will offer. He would also like to share the experience, because it’s definitely a social thing.

“It allows to kind of change up the food options near campus,” Addington said. “I’m only in three classes, so I think it’s much easier to sort of find somebody else who probably hasn’t gone and bring them with me.”


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