Waiting for fresh-baked cookies to come out of the oven are a thing of the past.

Nursing senior Miriam Aliaga said her friend introduced her to cookie butter this past summer and she loves it. Cookie butter is a spread made of crushed Belgian cookies and mixed with oils until it reaches a peanut butter consistency. Her friend brought the cookie butter to her, and it was love at first taste.

“I went out and bought it as soon as I could get to Trader Joe’s,” Aliaga said. “I baby-sat some kids that night and like, spooned the whole jar.”

Aliaga said her mom used to make her cookies, but she was always a fan of the dough.

“Cookie dough is so bad for you, but it is delicious,” Aliaga said.

Dec. 4 is National Cookie Day and cookies can be celebrated in different tastes and forms. The holiday has been celebrated since 1987 when the Blue Chip Cookie Company invented it.

Ryan Calhoun, marketing director for Tiff’s Treats, said National Cookie Day is one of his favorites to celebrate every year. Tiff’s Treats is a cookie delivery service based out of Austin, and Calhoun said they will have special surprises for customers to celebrate the day.

“We recognize all of the cookie holidays: national chocolate cookie day, sugar cookie day,” Calhoun said. “But this is a big day for us here. Everyone loves cookies.”

Calhoun said people like celebrating National Cookie Day because cookies give them a nostalgic feel.

“We think it brings a lot of people back to childhood and gives them the feeling of being home again,” Calhoun said. “I’ve been in the cookie business for six years and there’s nothing quite like dipping a warm chocolate chip cookie into a big glass of milk.”

Biology freshman Brittani Collins said cookies are the dessert that should be celebrated the most because they make her house smell nice and make people happy. She said her favorite cookie is snickerdoodle, but lately she’s been venturing out and trying new cookie flavors.

“Last year I actually found that peppermint hot chocolate and snickerdoodle cookies are good,” Collins said. “I already had the snickerdoodles for Christmas, but I was trying to find something to mix with it other than milk. It’s so good.”

Calhoun said he sees different cookie mixes all of the time these days and they’ve even implemented some new recipes at Tiff’s Treats.

“We have a variety of flavors and people like dipping them in anything from white milk to chocolate milk to Starbucks’ cold drinks,” Calhoun said. “We have a frozen treat with ice cream, brownie mix and cookie dough. Cookies are a pretty versatile treat.”



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