Get over hangovers this holiday season with cultural remedies.

“To me, a hangover is never-ending wanting to sleep and sometimes terrible headaches,” said Elizabeth Lamonte,  public relations junior and former bartender.


Chilaquiles con bistec (flank steak)

Chilaquiles is a mexican dish consisting of fried tortia strips typically topped with spicy tomato sauce and cheese.

“Sometimes when I know I’m going out, I’ll make it beforehand just so I have it ready for breakfast,” said public relations junior Gabriel Estrada.

Estrada said he learned this trick from his grandfather, and it is commonly used in Mexico City.

“I think the point is to get as much food, as greasy and as fatty as possible,” Estrada said.


“Drink what you drank the night before,” Lamonte said. “That’s why bloody mary’s and mimosas are such common brunch drinks.”

A bloody mary contains tomato juice, salt, vodka, olive juice, Worcestershire sauce garnished with celery sticks, Lamonte said.

While the exact history of the drink is disputed, it is commonly agreed upon that the drink emerged in Paris.


Aditya Balagani, industrial engineering graduate student,   said that in India, many drink buttermilk to cure hangovers.

Balagani said he learned the trick from his older brother, and it has been effective for him.


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