Warm, glowing lights radiated throughout the chapel at Juan Angel “Angelo” Rios’ memorial service on Tuesday.

Rios, a UTA alumnus, died Aug. 29 at the age of 32. His service was held at the Greenwood Chapel in Fort Worth.

Before long, the spacious chapel filled with Rios’ family and friends. For such a solemn occasion, those who spoke of him did so with a smile.

While at UTA, Rios served as a DJ at UTA Radio. He was known as “DJ Angelo,” and spent his time on air covering sports, hosting music shows and conducting interviews.

Jaime Rodriguez, a longtime friend of Rios, recounted the adventures his friend would take him on.

“We knew he was going to get us into some — I say trouble, but it was more like adventurous trouble,” Rodriguez said. “That way we can tell stories like, ‘Hey, guess what we did!’ That was Angelo.”

People wrapped their arms around each other as they said teary-eyed farewells while boxes of tissues were passed along the pews.

Jake Lerma, a childhood friend of Rios, said his friend left a lasting impact.

“When I felt like I had nobody, Angelo was always there,” Lerma said.

Lance Liguez, UTA Radio faculty adviser, spoke of Rios’ constant presence and the weight it carried.

“He was seemingly always there,” Liguez said. “When he graduated, it was weird [because] he wasn’t there anymore.”

Mourners said Rios left a mark on those around him.

“We had this look on life — there’s something worth looking forward to,” Rodriguez said. “That was him every day.”



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