Benefits of a gym buddy

Electrical engineering Milin Joshi, left, and electrical engineering graduate Patel Jaynil hold a planking position Feb. 7 at the Maverick Activities Center. The students started working out for their first time together that week.

The gym is a unique environment. Steel gray machines, the whirr of treadmills and sweaty bodies make up the meeting place for anyone choosing a healthier lifestyle.

However, the road to swole arms and a flat stomach can be a lonely one. Students at UTA come to the Maverick Activities Center to take on fitness together.

Undeclared freshmen, friends and gym-goers Bella Warton and Paris Andersson work out together every day. It’s weird for them to come alone because they’ve built a system, Andersson said.

Benefits of a gym buddy

Aerospace engineering sophomore Loren Rines, left, and accounting sophomore Isaac Ramadan bench weights together Feb. 7 at the Mavericks Activities Center. Rines and Ramadan said they hold each other accountable when they work out together.

“We stay motivated too, it’s, like, not competition in a way,” Andersson said. “Whenever I’m sitting there alone I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m done for the day,’ or if you need to do another set you have someone to push you to do more.”

Warton said she would come at the beginning of the year when she didn’t know Andersson yet and maybe do one exercise before leaving, not getting nearly as much work done.

“Now we have a good system,” Warton said.

Tarun Shimoga Vijayakumar, fitness staff member and mechanical engineering graduate student, said he sees friends come to the gym together all the time.

“Your friends can help you, most of the time in strength training,” he said.

Benefits of a gym buddy

Industrial engineering graduate student Juan Olmedo, left, and Angeles De Los Rios, human resources graduate student, lift dumbbells Feb. 7 at the Maverick Activities Center. The two said they workout together because it makes the experience more fun.

Exercising with friends is more enjoyable, helps you work through the pain and makes time pass faster, Vijayakumar said.

“For the initial phase, when you need motivation, you better go with your friends,” engineering sophomore Mohammad Ali said.

Students can strain themselves if they use a machine wrong, and if they don’t know how to work on a certain machine, staff or friends help them figure things out, Vijayakumar said.

Benefits of a gym buddy

Angeles De Los Rios, human resources graduate student, left, and industrial engineering graduate student Juan Olmedo preform tricep dips Feb. 7 at the Maverick Activities Center. The duo said they have been working out together for a few months now.

Roshni Jain, information systems sophomore, said she likes to play a sport for cardio before heading up the stairs of the MAC with friends for weights.

Jain said she actually goes to work out alone before she goes with friends, so that way she knows how to work the machines.

“[It’s] actually so I don’t look dumb,” Jain said.


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