It started in the GroupMe chat where broadcasting senior Kyle Schow and his friends often talk and joke.

Now, President Vistasp Karbhari has agreed to bowl against Schow in the fall and invited UTA students to come along.

“We were just joking, and I’m like, ‘I bet if I send a tweet challenging Karbhari to bowling, he’s not going to answer it,’” Schow said. “They laughed, and they said I should do it.”

But the “joke” started receiving dozens of retweets and later a quote tweet from Karbhari, asking students how many retweets the original post needed for him to accept.

“At that point I’m like, ‘Okay, this isn’t a joke anymore, this might actually happen,’” Schow said.

Karbhari said anyone interested in participating should email

“The more students the merrier,” Schow said. “I need a crowd to cheer me on whenever I win one for the student union.”

But when he’s not joking about winning, Schow said he’s not as confident as he acts. He isn’t a great bowler and said he’s proud when his score is at least above 100.

He doesn’t know what to expect from the president.

“When Karbhari rolls up the sleeves, I imagine he’ll get a few strikes,” he said.

Schow said one of his motivations for initiating this event was for the chance to meet Karbhari before he graduates in December. However, if he loses, it might change his graduation experience, he said.

“It’d be slightly embarrassing whenever I graduate, and I have to look at him on the podium and realize this is the dude who beat me on my home territory at bowling,” he said.

At the end of the day, Schow hopes that students can get together, have fun and meet new people.

“For the students that do [come out], well, I hope you’re supporting me,” he said. “It’d be embarrassing if more people show up, and they’re rooting for the president.”

Schow is planning on enrolling in graduate school at UTA, so if he loses, he said there might be an opportunity for a rematch.

“I’m hoping Karbhari understands the best two out of three rule,” he said.


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