Pie Five closes in the College Park District

Pie Five Pizza Co. sits with its doors closed Feb. 6 in the College Park District. This location closed because of unforeseen circumstances.

The Pie Five Pizza Co. in the College Park District has closed, according to a message sent to email subscribers Wednesday afternoon.

Koreyton Evans, former assistant manager/shift lead, said he didn't know he was out of a job until Wednesday morning, when Pie Five Pizza Co. closed. 

That morning, the owner, Nathan Cage, sent an email announcing the store's closure, about 30 minutes before Evans clocked in to work at 9 a.m., he said. 

The email stated the location was permanently closed and all positions would be eliminated. 

"They waited 'til the day of to tell us that we didn't have a job," Evans said. "People have bills to pay."

According to the email, the location had to close because of unforeseen circumstances.

“Our time was very memorable and we hold not only the community, but all of our customers very near and dear to our hearts,” the email read.

University Center director David Albart said the owners told him they would be temporarily closing down for renovations. However, the email indicates they are closing down for good, he said.

Albart said some businesses have struggled at UTA because they were operated by people new to the food industry. However, he said chains such as Panera Bread, Texadelphia and Pie Five Pizza Co. seemed to be doing well.

“I was just in [Pie Five Pizza Co.] two days ago and it was busy,” said Albart. “No indication to me that things weren’t going well.”

Customers can redeem gift cards or promotional coupons at other locations, according to the email sent by Pie Five Pizza Co.

Madeleine Webb, advertising and public relations senior, said she has a restrictive diet and Pie Five Pizza Co. was one of the only places on campus where she could easily customize her food. 

"Not having that makes it difficult for me to eat [at the College Park District], and I probably won't eat here as often," she said. "That makes me sad. I liked it."

Webb said Pie Five Pizza Co. also provided alternative options for vegans, vegetarians and people prone to allergies such as offering a cauliflower crust or gluten-free options.   

"I'm, like, devastated," she said.  

Biology junior Joseph Mouris said the news disappointed him.

"I just regret not going as often," he said.

He said UTA should bring another pizza place for the students, since Pie Five Pizza Co. was the only place near campus to grab a slice.  

Pie Five Pizza Co. opened at UTA in Aug. 2012. 

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is made available.

News editor Brian Lopez and associate news editor Amanda Padilla contributed to this article. 




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I would bet that the real reason is that UTA hiked up the lease rate


UTA is still just a 4 year community college. Adding some new facade here and there wont change that.


can they replace it with an authentic taqueria?


It’s so disgusting that they were told so late. Thirty minutes before opening? What a terrible layoff. Evans is absolutely right—they have bills to pay, and if Pie Five actually cared about their employees, they would’ve told them ahead of time that the store was closing. Heck, they could’ve done a “store closing” promotion or something. Anything to let customers and employees know things were shutting down. And in this economy and job market, where people are filling up retail when they have higher degrees because the market actually sucks and higher-income jobs are more scarce...I just pray they get accepted quickly when the former employees put in resumès elsewhere.

"I'm, like, devastated"?
"I'm, like, devastated"?!
What the hell is this? Journalism? Does the Shorthorn even, like, vet their own material for quality? (That was a joke, of course they don't)

"I'm ... devastated," She said.

It makes both your interviewee and your newspaper look like less of an absolute verbal dumpster fire. Hell, it even adds a bit more drama to the story! OwO

You might be thinking, don't I have anything better to do than nitpick a damn college newspaper in the comments section?
And the answer is actually no. That's why I'm doing this.
The alternative is drinking to forget. And I'll let you guess which one makes me feel better at the end of the day...

Trick question: neither.

I can't even eat my sorrows away at a just-pretty-alright pizza joint anymore.


I have to agree. I was put off from that stand-alone sentence, honestly. It feels so out-of-place I’m what overwise seems to be a more professional report. I say ‘like’ in my sentences when speaking, but if I’d be put on blast like this, I’d never speak to the Shorthorn, haha.

Now when I'm overwhelmed with the increasing bleakness of my future as the industry I am studying to go into continues to shrink, there will be nowhere to spend my borrowed dollars to eat away my sorrows. Yet another problem for my future self to face. At least we can find some nostalgic solace in what once was as we see Pie Five's desolate husk in passing. That is before it's cleaned out and ultimately re-purposed.


Probably gonna transfer colleges after this one


Another epic piece of journalism by the shorthorn. Unforseeable corcumstances.... you mean finally getting caught for all the back taxes the owner hasn’t paid.


Total global enrollment is nearly 58,000 students. But what is the enrollment number for full-time students who take classes on UTA's main campus? Even at 15,000 students, we should be able to sustain a vibrant downtown/campus economy. Something is just wrong about the constant turnover and limited offerings at CPC. Sure, nine of 10 new restaurants don't make it very long, but how hard is it to please a captive audience of students, faculty, and staff with $6-$10 lunch options?


It's simple...Most UTA students are on loans and UTA takes every penny of those loans. So, most students are broke and cannot afford to each $10 meals off campus very frequently (if at all). If someone opened a $1 hotdog stand over there, they would make a bigillion dollars in no time. Guaranteed.


Petition for Whataburger on campus


Another one bites the dust


The only place near campus where you wouldn't have to wait 40 minutes in line during lunch! This place just gets worse and worse.


UTA won't be the same!

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