Progressive Student Union rallies against police brutality

Mavericks United President Giovanni Torres speaks at the Maverick Community Against Police Brutality rally Feb. 13 outside the University Center. "Until we come together and acknowledge these issues of systemic racism and institutional racism, we can't move forward," Torres said.

With posters and a megaphone at the ready, the Progressive Student Union started their Maverick Community Against Police Brutality rally with shouting and anger.

Mark Napieralski, Progressive Student Union president, said the purpose of the rally was to educate people on police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another purpose was to speak about the death of O’Shae Terry. Terry was shot by Arlington police officers on Sept. 1, 2018, during a traffic stop. Napieralski said there wasn’t substantial coverage about his death, which is why he spoke about him. He led a chant shouting Terry’s name during the rally to make sure people heard the message.

As computer science freshman Andrew Butler walked by, he started shouting at the rally members.

Butler said the Progressive Student Union’s message is letting a few bad officers bury the name of the many good. He said that as more people become anti-law enforcement, police have to be more cautious about how they act.

He said the group had freedom of speech, but when they challenge emotions with facts, that is where their message becomes irrelevant.

“Look at what we deal with and what the world deals with. If they look at, like, what happens in the Middle East, a lot of places, you steal, they’ll cut off your hand,” he said. “Compared to what they have to deal with and what we deal with is nothing.”

Mavericks United President Giovanny Torres was invited to speak at the rally and spread knowledge about immigration issues. 

Progressive Student Union rallies against police brutality

Students gather for the Maverick Community Against Police Brutality rally Feb. 13 outside the University Center. The rally centered around incidents of police brutality and advocated for change in the Metroplex.

He said the purpose of his organization is to empower Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program recipients.

Torres said the Center for Mexican American Studies and the Center for African American Studies' buildings are on the west side of campus. He said if the college is so diverse, then why are the buildings so far removed from the heart of campus.

“It’s like neglecting the culture and the presence of people here,” he said.

Napieralski said UTA is a diverse college and with that comes racial issues. Having these rallies reassures students they can speak up about their issues and don’t have to hide their opinions.


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I'm surprised there are no negative comments bashing the PSU on this article. Could it be the usual naysayers agree with this protest? [ohmy]

Michael S

PSU is more like P-U. They do nothing besides ignore the facts of everything they stand behind.


Don’t believe a single word the PSU says. The person they were cheering for refused to listen to police and attempted to flee in their vehicle after saying “I’m no going to jail. After the incident, police searching the SUV, found 1.09 pounds of marijuana(reason the cops detained him, after the initial stop), 7 grams of Ecstasy pills, a .40-caliber Glock handgun and an extended 29-round magazine.

Don’t be fooled by their emotions. Time and time again the PSU lies and neglects facts.


True, it doesn't seem to be about truth to them. Its about narrative.


We need a counter protest for all the women and children that have been assaulted by radical left "Progressives" like these guys. They aren't as honorable as they pretend to be.


No, just to silence people like you that spout idiocy like this with no evidence whatsoever.


So you don't believe that the radical left assaults people? lol. Yikes.


Do we, really?

How about just one rally to bring attention to assault on women and children -as it seems you may have concern there- not giving attention to political party affiliation?

Go for it!

I'll be there.

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