Student starts petition to refill campus with Dr Pepper

Cristobal Trujillo, history and economics junior, has recently started a petition to bring Dr Pepper back to campus. 

When Dr Pepper products were removed from most of campus, Cristobal Trujillo, history and economics junior, started a petition to replenish UTA with the beverage again.

The university is currently finalizing an exclusive deal with Pepsi, which means Dr Pepper and Coke products are no longer served on most parts of campus.

“Since there was no consultation seeking to measure the student body’s preferences, we demand that Dr. Pepper and Coke products be brought back onto campus,” the petition stated.

John Hall, vice president for Administration and Campus Operations, said in an email that Dr Pepper did not respond to the university’s request for proposals, so a contract couldn’t be formed.

Hall said the petition would probably not change things, but the university is always interested in hearing students’ needs and desires.

Student Congress, Pizza with the President, President’s Roundtable and the Food Service Advisory Committee are ways students can voice their concerns, he said.

Trujillo said he didn’t expect the petition to get more than 20 signatures. It now has nearly 100.

Students seem to be getting involved, Trujillo said, and there’s typically a lack of that kind of spirit on campus.

“I see such an apathy from the student body,” Trujillo said. “People are so busy or so depressed about school — let’s just make it fun a little bit.”

Alumna Snober Jaura said she doesn’t know if the petition will make an impact, but at least it’ll show that people are upset.

“I don’t drink Pepsi or anything else really, just Dr Pepper was the only one, so I know I’m just not gonna buy any soda on campus now,” Jaura said.

While Trujillo is passionate about Dr Pepper, he pointed out that he is no activist for it.

“I know how it is, and I know why the school did it; it makes sense,” he said. “So I’m definitely not expecting to go on this crusade to bring back Dr Pepper.”

Trujillo said the petition began as a way to get cheap laughs.

“If it makes noise and it kinda brings the student body together, that’s a good thing,” he said.

In the meantime, if students want Dr Pepper they can purchase it at the College Park District, Hall said.



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I do not like Pepsi and irritates me that they are sponsors for Cowboys and NFL when their soda is sub-par at best. When I go to a machine on campus, It's like I have to choose between a Honda civic or Toyota Corolla. (Pepsi or Cherry Pepsi) Sure they get you there, But I would much rather have the Accord or Camry (Coke or Dr.Pepper).


Dr Pepper is still on campus and isn't going anywhere. It's in the drink fountains at the Plaza and Connection Cafe... I believe at Maverick Cafe as well.


Students: Yeah, I'll have a Dr Pepper please--
UTA: Is Pepsi OK

Apologies, but the joke had to be made. On a more serious note, it does seem strange that such a small issue has garnered such attention... At least until you consider the implications that this "small issue" has. Yes, this is a business deal, which may or may not benefit UTA in the long run. Yes, people can find alternative solutions if they're bothered or committed enough. But the fact of the matter is, when a business deal that so directly affects the students is made on behalf of the students, /without the students' input,/ the precedent that is set becomes itself the real issue.

I'm not saying that we're in imminent danger of having buildings' naming rights sold to big companies, or of having major corporation logos emblazoned on our textbooks... But sometimes, a Coke is just a Coke; and then again, sometimes it's not.

Mr X

I think this will be nice for me as A&W is a Pepsi product whereas Mug just doesn't taste right


Does anyone remember when people had REAL problems. Everyone plays the martyr these days. Sad.
#Snowflake #Millennials


I only drink Dr. Pepper but I mean I’ve been to many places that don’t have Dr. Pepper products. How about boycott, people just don’t buy any Pepsi products. The decline in sales would be a bigger voice.


UTA is not paying Pepsi or any of the soda companies to be sold on campus, they are paying us. This is a business desicion. If you are that addicted to Dr Pepper or coke, bring your own, Pepsi isn’t stopping you from doing that. Or god forbid that this deal will force you to stop drinking something so dangerous for your health that you have to resort to water.


Everyone wants to be a victim. It's sad that this is the future.


I only drink Dr.Pepper. If I only have the option of Pepsi Products I will not purchase any drinks on campus. I will purchase a drink before arriving on campus, or bring a water bottle for refills. This is a campus that is diverse, and so should be our drink options. I think you can get a better deal. If you sign with Pepsi and the consumers here are not interested in purchasing…….Is it worth it?


Here is the link to the petition:

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