Students, professor react to Trump's declaration of national emergency

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally June 16, 2016, in Dallas. Trump has declared a national emergency over the southern border — a move that will allow him to redirect $8 billion towards the construction of a wall along the border of Mexico. 

On Feb. 15, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, allowing him to redirect $8 billion toward the construction of a wall along the Mexican border.

Tanner Holman, Young Americans for Freedom chairman, said that while the president has the authority to declare a national emergency, Trump’s declaration has set a dangerous precedent.

“I think it opens up far too many holes and problems in the future than the problems it tries to solve today,” Holman said.

Traditionally, Congress is responsible for allocating funds, but with this precedent set, Congress could have trouble doing so in the future.

“It’s the job of the legislative branch to legislate, and within legislation comes the allocation of funds,” Holman said. “In this instance, Congress believes he shouldn’t be executing a border wall.”

Nursing freshman India Corral said she doesn’t believe the wall should be built.

“If something like the wall had been in place at the time then, it’s possible that I wouldn’t even be here,” Corral said.

Corral’s father was born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and was raised in El Paso, Texas. He later obtained his citizenship, then served in the military for 20 years and now lives with a disability. She said the proposed wall would deny people the opportunity given to her father.

“He gave his body to this country,” she said.

Jonah Bennett, aerospace engineering sophomore, said that whatever people may think about the situation on the border, there are more pressing matters facing the nation.

“There are way more important things we should be dealing with right now,” Bennett said. “It’s kinda ridiculous to call it a national emergency.”

Brent Boyea, political science associate professor, said this type of funding allocation has been seen before. Specifically, he said former president Barack Obama reappropriated funds for the Affordable Care Act with an executive order.

However, no president has used the national emergency powers to gain funding against the wishes of Congress, he said.

Boyea said lawmakers claim this is something new, but it isn’t necessarily good.


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From Michael Cohen's opening remarks to congress:

'He once asked me if I could name a country run by a black person that wasn’t a
“shithole.” This was when Barack Obama was President of the United States.'

Donald Trump is a racist. People that support him at best support a racist, at worst are racists themselves. That is now, and all that, MAGA has ever been: regress the country back from the progress made while a black man was in office.

He is a lying, narcissistic, racist, conman. If you support him, you support that. End of story.


None of that is correct, you are simply "just believing" a known and admitted liar simply because the narrative is something you like. Kinda like when you believed dr Ford and the other 2 liars. By "just believing" because it suits you, you are being narcissistic. Again, you demonstrate how you are exactly what you claim to hate in others.


With the growing threat of caravans storming our border a wall is necessary.


My parents immigrated legally. It can be done. Illegal crossers make it that much harder for legal candidates.

Trump will win the 2020 elections.


The only reason that there is even a debate about the wall is because Trump continued to drive it into the minds of the people throughout the nation that we need a wall; Trump, a businessman, understands how to sell something psychologically. If you say it enough times it will become true. You begin to find justifications for something that may, in reality, not be necessary.

The truth is that, when we put up walls we are saying that we have no other option in order to defend ourselves--and defend ourselves from what? Indeed, thousands of individuals have crossed our border illegally; a minority of them are coming to this country with the intent of creating disruption. This is the simple truth. MS-13 is not who we are fighting with the wall, it's those who are escaping the desperate states of their nations. To anyone who says, "They ought to go through the legal way, just like everyone else," is missing the point. It's not unlikely that many of these people would like to go in the legal way, but the system is far too slow and ineffective in order to ensure either their immediate or future safety. When we put up walls we are saying that we are at war. Every civilization that has put up a wall to defend itself has been at war with whoever they are attempting to keep out: the Chinese, the Romans, the Israelites. Walls work when people are hurling bombs across your border and sending suicide actors over to cause panic among your population. You don't build a wall in order to solve your immigration problem. If the United States is prepared to commit resources to a war with either Mexico or other countries from which these immigrants come from, then the government should outright say it. More than this, we must recognize when we are being duped.

This wall will be unnecessary within a a decade or two. Immigration will no longer ben an issue, hopefully, if we fix the laws and distribute our resources correctly along the border in order to ensure that immigration will not be an issue. The wall will be a tremendous waste of resources that could be better allocated. Why would we want to foot the bill for a billion dollar wall which we will have to unnecessarily maintain, repair, and think about for the next several decades? Although but a couple billion dollars is pennies in the pockets of the government, it doesn't change the fact that the money has to come from somewhere, and it will be the people who have to continue to pay taxes on this wall, taxes on something they do not want.

The final point that must be made has to do with the right way our government must function. The President does not get to arbitrarily declare emergencies (which, again, he himself said he didn't have to do!--what clearer admission do we need that this is an abuse of power? An overreach at the very least?), to circumvent Congress in order to do as he pleases. If this is the way we'd like our country to run, then we ought to scrap the Constitution and allow Trump to write up an enabling act in which he, and subsequent Presidents, would assume the powers of Congress. Trump's abuse of the office during his Presidency will cast a long shadow over future presidencies, just as the abuses of the Obama and the Bush administration have allowed Trump to do many of the things he's done already. The expansion of the executive branch has been unmitigated for decades now, to the point that Congress can't do anything else, so it seems, but lay on their backs and ask Trump to hit them harder. This episode will only play into the cycle of vengeance which has corrupted our federal institution and resulted in the construction of a wall, whose only role in the future will be to be taken down.


His actions are those of a dictator trying to circumvent the authority of congress and the will of the American people. There is no crisis at the border, only a manufactured one meant to excite the ignorant people that still believe anything that he says. Say it with me: There is no crisis. Period. End of story. Donald Trump is a liar and a wannabe demagogue. Anyone that still supports him at this point is an enemy of this country, end of story.


Nothing he has done is even close to dictator-like lol. There is a crisis, we literally had hundreds of people storm it recently and more caravans exist, continuously forming and attempting to make the trip here. The only enemy of the country are extremists, of which you sound more and more like one every time you post here lol.


10s of thousands of people trying to forcefully cross your border is a crisis. A big beautiful wall would do the trick in stopping most. Human trafficking in both directions across the border is a crisis. Ever wonder where those kidnapped kids go? Crisis. Fentanyl laced Heroin flooding across the border=Crisis. We have to do something, there is no reason to let this continue unless you are profiting off of it. Unless you are profiting off of it...


You're a fool, as always.


Can you actually formulate a genuine argument to confer his point or will you just stick with hurling insults as usual?


And you have no real argument as always.


Unfortunately the hypocrisy of the left never fails, in previous years when the democrats were in control of Congress and Obama was in office these issues were still here and the actual people who work in border patrol and customs were saying the same thing then how physical barriers do work! Now is that to say it will stop illegal entry into the country completely? Of course not. A physical barrier is the first step, allocating more funding to border patrol and ICE is the next step. In the past there were moderate Democrats that agreed with the border patrol when they said we need a wall to help curb illegal entries, but now the Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists or is run by obstructionists. During the government shut down there were only a handful of representatives from the democrats that said they would vote for a wall, just before the end that number jumped to almost 30 (not to mention the rebellion many of the democrats in office had trying to keep pelosi from becoming speaker again). This should be a bipartisan issue that can be solved with sit down discussions between both sides and with the actual people that are down there protecting the border, unfortunately both sides have become so polarized that this is only the first issue they refuse to work on. The nation is on a long bumpy road at the moment and this kind of polarization might eventually rip us apart. Extremist refuse to listen but moderates and rational people can sit down and talk with people they don’t agree with, for anyone that’s read this far please take this advice; no matter the politics a person may side with have a sit down and listen then have them do the same for you, somewhere in the middle you’ll find some common ground you can both agree on.


Lies, as usual from the right. There is no crisis, and physical barriers do not work. Any expert will attest to this. The only polarization is due to the insurmountable amount of ignorance that it takes to still believe anything the wannabe dictator in chief has to say.


Like I said extremists can’t be reasoned with


Physical barriers objectively work to deter and inhibit.


While I agree that this probably shouldn't be considered a national emergency something has to be done. Look at California higher homeless rates, failing infrastructure, emergency rooms filled. All this and it is one of the highest taxed states! Illegal immigrants are more likely to use emergency rooms, more likely to be homeless and more likely to put a drain on city and state services. Facts. I'd prefer if Texas doesn't turn into California.. I think immigration is a great thing coming into this country legally creates a symbiotic relationship between the new citizen and the country. However, I feel that illegal immigration does the opposite. I'm not sure what is best physical barrier, better technology, faster immigration policies.. i'm not sure but I can tell you who would know, it's the border patrolman and the people in charge of our government. The only problem is the people in charge of our government don't want to do anything by the looks of it. From what I have read from multiple news sources is the border patrolmen say they need more physical barriers, more technology and more border patrolmen. If Congress would stop playing political games with our countries future they could probably create something that could benefit everyone. What they have passed doesn't do enough. We need faster immigration policies and more protection. You can't have thousands of illegal immigrants running through the border. That is not how this country is structured.
With how things are going south of the border this is just the start if things don't change.

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