Out with the old and in with the new: second wave of updates hits UTA’s website

Screenshot of the Current Students page of the UTA website on Aug. 28.

UTA’s website saw its second wave of redesigns Wednesday morning.

The first deployment on Aug. 15 made major design changes to the website’s homepages, admissions page and more.

Wednesday saw overhauls to the website’s Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs page, For Students page, For Parents page, Research page, Provost page and College of Business page.

The two redesign waves — the first the website has seen since 2010 — are headed by University Advancement and the Office of Information Technology and are part of an effort to make the site more accessible and present a unified brand for the university, according to an email sent out by the university.

Joe Carpenter, Senior Associate Vice President for University Advancement and Chief Communications Officer, said the first two waves of redesign were aimed at the frontmost facing parts of the website, and there are still a lot of webpages with the old design.

Carpenter said University Advancement and the Office of Information Technology will now analyze the deployments and start the process for a new timeline for the next wave of redesigns.

“We’ll begin formulating the plan by which, over a period of time, we’ll be able to help the other folks around campus transition their pages,” he said.



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