An 18-year-old female died Monday afternoon after she was struck by a vehicle on Cooper Street the day before, Arlington Police Department said in a press release.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the pedestrian as Arlington resident Jordan Coleman.

At about 11:29 a.m. Sunday morning, a vehicle traveling northbound on the 2000 block of Cooper Street left the roadway and drove onto the sidewalk for an unknown reason, striking Coleman, according to the press release.

Coleman was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

The driver of the vehicle was not injured, the release said.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is made available.


Arianna Vedia is The Shorthorn sports editor

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The same night I saw an accident in front of my apartments which turned into a hit and run. They chased each other down the wrong way on a one way street, hit the pole and one way sign, lost a bumper, and then proceeded towards cooper/30. We called 911 to notify someone because we saw the exact make and model of both cars, we were on hold for 8 mins, when an operator answered, my boyfriend was cut off before he could share much information, she said they were busy and there was nothing she could do unless the cars were still there and was very rude and didn’t let us finish. I was less concerned about the accident but more about them driving recklessly and one of the cars was missing a tire, driving on the rim, and the entire front/side of car was shattered or ripped off and sparking off of the ground and had caused some destruction. God forbid that it was the same car as the one who hit that girl.


Read the article...she was on the sidewalk, not crossing the street so speed had nothing to do with it and bridges wouldn't have helped. Also, it was in the 2000 block of South Cooper which is almost at Pioneer Parkway and not on the UTA campus.


Bridges do help, students literally use them to get to class at UTA. Still, last year it was when someone was crossing, all of Cooper St is still low! 30pmh & 35mph.


It’s very sad this child life goin. Cooper is a dangers sheet. Lowering the speed is not going to stop accidents. I travel on cooper at least three times a week and unless their is an officer present then 30miles mean nothing. What I really am afraid of is those kids getting to and from school. I never see an officer present. More needs to be done. Rest In Peace baby girl.


Very sad. Also shows lowering the speed limit does not help. People are still going to die on Cooper St. what they need to do is build bridges on the busy street, so many people J walk and police don’t find them. Cars mess up all the time and for our own safety a bridge is best. As well, lowering the speed limit, people are still going to drive fast and the city is taking advantage of it since cops are always there hiding. Raise the speed limit and use my taxes & money on fines to build bridges!!! I don’t need the police stopping anyone for going over 1MPH. It’s ridiculous!

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