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Picture this — you’re walking right down the middle of campus on a bright, sunny day. Wind blows subtly through your hair, and you just made an A on that group project you’ve been dreading all semester. Life’s good, right?

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Funerals have already begun for the victims of Saturday’s devastating shooting at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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UTA has existed in one form or another for almost 125 years. It has served as an educational institution through the fight for women’s suffrage, two world wars and the heat of the civil rights movement.

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Steven Crowder, political commentator and comedian, has made a living off of controversy and harassment.

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Representation is important — it empowers people within a community and grants visibility to them. But if an actor or actress cast in a role isn’t a member of the community, it can feel inauthentic instead of fulfilling.

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Hurricane Maria was originally claimed to have taken 64 lives when it struck Puerto Rico about eight months ago. But as the news coverage and conversation died down, that number grew.

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UTA Athletics officials shocked the community Monday when they announced the firing of Scott Cross, men’s basketball head coach, and the entirety of his staff.

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Take a step outside and the uninterrupted sea of political picket signs should tell you but one thing: it’s primary election time again in Texas.