There’s no question that sex education has always been awkward. Most of us remember when we learned about the reproductive system, “the birds and the bees.”

As uncomfortable as that may be, early on we are taught the importance of reproduction, protected sex and abstinence. When it comes to queer sex, that representation is not replicated.

Denying members of the LGBTQ community to learn safe sex practices is wrong and harmful. We need to have an open dialogue about queer sex to promote safe, healthy and enjoyable habits.

Growing up, kids who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer often are forced to evaluate their identity on their own. In a society that still shuns LGBTQ people for being themselves, a queer person may often feel like they have nowhere to turn when questions of sex arise.

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Reyes is a public relations and journalism senior and opinion editor at The Shorthorn.

Texas public schools are banned from offering LGBTQ sex education to students, according to the Texas Health and Safety Code. A study by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network shows students are less likely to find support among educators and peers. There is also a lack of gay sex education overall in the education system.

The risks of being uninformed can be deadly. GLSEN found that 19 percent of new HIV infections come from young people who identify as LGBTQ. Though pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, a pill that lessens one’s chance of contracting HIV, is readily accessible and publicized now more than ever, many young people might not have the resources or finances to obtain this life-saving medication.

Because of the numerous health risks involved, gay sex requires different, more complex preparation than heterosexual sex. Many queer-identifying people learn about sex concepts through entertainment or the internet, which often is dramatized or used as comedy.

Information on sex among transgender or gender-nonconforming people is also difficult to obtain, and is often not taken as seriously as heterosexual or even homosexual sex.

The risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections is higher among transgender women. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 27.7 percent of all transgender women and 56.3 percent of black transgender women in the U.S. are infected with the HIV virus.

Imagine how much lower that number could be if queer sex received the same representation as heterosexual sex. Imagine the lives we could save if we simply spoke out.


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Trying to promote queer sex in elementary schools is not a good thing. Kids are still developing physically, mentally, and sexually through high school. Many kids are unsure of themselves and unconfident to begin with when they go through puberty, promoting queer sex in many cases may only add to their confusion and stress. While it is important for kids to learn about safe sex, it should not be forced upon them to learn about gay and transgender sex. Instead have councilors on staff that can answer questions and instruct the few LBGT students they run across. I know personally I wouldn’t want my kids to have to learn about the sexual habits of transgender people in elementary school when they are still figuring out their own bodies and sexuality. We need to give kids time to figure out for themselves what they are, not force it upon them.


Great article!


Which part of this article do you consider great?


Promoting gay sex to minors is grooming them. Many homosexuals have been sexually abused as children. Unfortunately homosexuals are more likely to abuse children, due to the psychological trauma of their own abuse. The promotion of homosexuality is grooming children, we need to watch our children closely as this is a threat.

Michael S

This is a stupid article, once again meant to please the LGBTQ community and make them feel special. Just wrap it up and follow the same procedures we all learned? If they think they have to do anything extra, well they are just stupid.

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