On Sept. 7, wide receiver Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots. The signing came shortly after the All-Pro was released by the Oakland Raiders, where he lasted all of six months. The Patriots made a mistake signing Brown, and he has proved that in the days since he left Oakland.

After Brown signed with New England, it looked as if he threw a temper tantrum to leave what was perceived as one of the worst teams in the NFL to sign with the best one. The signing also seemed problematic because it did not fit the “Patriot Way” that current and former players have worked so hard to cultivate in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Brown has done nothing to endear himself to non-Patriots fans over the past week. Last Tuesday, he was accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit by a woman who formerly worked as his trainer. The lawsuit states that there were three incidents of assault, two in June 2017 and one in May 2018.

If the Patriots stood for “doing your job” like they say they do, they would know that Brown has done the opposite in the last six months. A recent example includes him missing most of preseason training camp with the Raiders because of frostbite on his feet and his displeasure with using a league-mandated football helmet. He brought so much drama to Oakland that the team decided it was better to part ways, even after giving him a three-year contract worth $50.125 million.

In his debut as a Patriot, Brown caught four passes for 56 yards and one touchdown. His production on the field is outstanding and his talent as a football player is undeniable, but he should not be playing the sport if he can’t get things right in his personal life. He can’t “do his job” if he is busy dealing with lawsuits and skipping practices.

Brown does not belong on the football field if he can’t handle himself correctly off of it. Whether the accusations against him are true or not, he needs to hold himself accountable for the distractions he has caused for his teams. If he figures things out, the pairing between him and New England should work out perfectly.



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