UTA’s status as a top-tier research university

A generator applies microwaves through a probe to cancer cells June 18, 2019, in the Chemistry and Physics Building. 

Biology assistant professor Joseph Boll’s favorite thing about science is answering important questions, which he can do through his research.

“I like that I can really make a contribution to understanding something that’s going to positively impact people down the line,” Boll said.

UTA is a Carnegie R1 institution, the top Carnegie classification for research universities. With over $116 million in research expenditures and world-renowned faculty and scientists, research is highly valued at UTA.

Boll has several students contributing about 20 hours a week to research, where they are immersed in the scientific community.

Research provides students with information on how science works, collaboration in the lab and can also help students decide if this is the right field for them, Boll said.

Promise Robinson, exercise science junior and research assistant, said research enables her to explore career options and see if research is something she’d want to do in the future.

Research is for everyone; you don’t have to want to be a professor or be a STEM major to do it, said Kenyatta Dawson, Office of Undergraduate Research director. The Office of Undergraduate Research provides students with the resources needed to go into research if they have a will and want to invest in themselves.




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