Monbijou Park

This photo was taken at Monbijou Park, a park located in the former East Berlin. It was a rainy, somber day, however this is just one of the many beautiful architectural pieces in this city.

Life in Berlin couldn’t be better. However, no matter how much I try, I am not completely satisfied.

Homesickness, it’s a real thing.

I constantly feel alone. Every day I long for the comfort of my own space. I’m having trouble sleeping. I miss my family, friends and home.

I decided to give Germany a try. However, time after time I constantly feel defeated.

I feel like I am whining a little bit. I am in one of the most historically acclaimed cities. Their architecture is literally breathtaking and the people live such an active, happy lifestyle. I’m almost envious.

photo 2.jpg

This is one of the many pedestrian bridges located in the city. Germany is known for their many advertisements and this path was filled with many.

I have been planning this trip since 2014, and I always thought that when I embarked on this journey, I would find the answers to what life was all about. So philosophical, right?

I wanted to explore the world, to see what was on the other side. Once the opportunity presented itself I took that leap.

Here we are, present day. I’m feeling lonely and sad. This is not the experience I signed up for. So as I write this blog post, I will brainstorm ways I plan to cope with this emotional burden.

1. Find my happy place.

I recently discovered this gym inside the mall Alexa located on Alexanderplatz. Working out has always been a way for me to release some stress and wind down. Maybe seeing what the place has to offer is worth a shot.

photo 3.jpg

Here is a photo of a street performer I stumbled upon at Alexanderplatz. Alexanderplatz is a large square where all the major transportation stops meet. It contains several shopping centers and food establishments.

2. Check in with family, friends less.

Usually the people that make me the happiest are my family and friends. Constantly checking in may be too much, but a phone call every other day wouldn’t hurt. It’s nice to hear from them, but maybe hearing from them too much is what makes me feel so upset.

3. Go out and explore.

The biggest reason I came to Germany was to explore a place I am unfamiliar with. I may have found a nice group of friends that are willing to explore with me, so maybe talking with them and just going out on random adventures during the weekend could be our new thing. After all, exploring with friends is better than exploring alone.

photo 4.jpg

Here is a photo of my study abroad buddy, Diana Hernandez as she tries out a simulation in the Spy Museum Berlin. The Spy Museum is interactive and shows the history of spies from the beginning until current time.

photo 5.jpg

Here is a photo of my second study abroad buddy, Jon Thomsen carrying  24 liters of water. After a trip to the grocery store Jon decided it would be fun to carry both of our 2 liter 6 packs of water.

I think this is a nice list.

To all you future study abroad students, don’t be discouraged by reading my post. Homesickness is a normal part of the experience, just don’t let it linger on. Make the most out of your experience. I plan to.

‘Till next time,

Marangeli Lopez

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