Breakfast with a Brewmaster teaches home-brewing techniques

People from all over the Metroplex can learn techniques for home-brewing beer over breakfast Saturday.

The second Breakfast with a Brewmaster event will take place at 10 a.m. Saturday at Texas Brewing Inc., where breakfast will be served and Grant Wood, brewmaster for Revolver Brewing, will speak with people about home-brewing. A brewmaster is the person who supervises a brewery. Texas Brewing Inc. hopes to continue having local brewmasters visit and talk about their brewing techniques, said Greg Etzel, event coordinator and media director for Texas Brewing Inc.

Texas Brewing Inc. is the largest home-brew store, which sells ingredients and equipment for home-brewing, said Brenden “Stubby” Stubblefield, CEO of Texas Brewing Inc. Home-brewing is making beer for personal use, Wood said. The hobby was made legal by Jimmy Carter in 1978 on a federal level, with regulation being left up to the states.

Etzel said he looks forward to seeing Wood because he knows a lot about brewing beer.

Wood earned a degree in food science at A&M and started off making picante sauce, but he said that wasn’t very fun. Wood's first experience with brewing was with Pearl Brewing Co. in 1985, where he discovered how cool it is to make beer, he said. He eventually wound up working for Samuel Adams.

In 2012, Wood saw a request put out for a brewmaster by Rhett Keisler, Wood said. They talked about the market in North Texas and decided the setup was right to start Revolver Brewing in Granbury, Texas.

Things came together quickly for them, Wood said. They began building the brewery in February 2012 and brewed the first batches Aug. 1. They sold their first keg Sept. 1, 2012.

“It’s sort of been like that scene in Star Wars where Han says, ‘Punch it, Chewy,’ and all the stars go whizzing by really fast,” Wood said. “That’s exactly what it’s been like. Things have been going just really fast, and it’s been really fun.”


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