Taylor Swift’s rerecorded Fearless album gains both Billboard and UTA Swifties’ attention

Music education junior Elizabeth Stage said she has vivid memories of singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar” in the back of her father’s car. At six years old, Stage was already a fan of Swift.

When Stage heard Swift had rerecorded her second album Fearless, she was excited to listen to the songs again, especially since Swift’s voice has grown and changed with time, she said.

On Thursday, Swift released an updated recording of the 2008 album. The new album featured 26 songs including all 13 originals from the Fearless album, seven bonus tracks and six songs that were never released, which Swift called “From The Vault.”

Sociology associate professor David Arditi said through the rerecording of Swift’s album, he realized that she was very good at self-marketing.

When Swift withheld putting her music on streaming services a few years ago, it got a lot of media attention, Arditi said. When Swift was vocal last November about how much she disliked Scooter Braun, SB Projects founder and the man who acquired the recording rights to her first six studio albums, it also garnered a lot of attention.

The rerecorded album is getting Swift a ton of streams now, Arditi said. Not many people were listening to Fearless a few months ago, but now everyone is, and it’s even charting on Billboard

The support for the new Fearless album comes both from fans wanting to support Swift in her feud with Braun and from people who want to revisit the album, like Stage.

Swift first announced an interest in rerecording her first six albums in 2019. It came from a want to own her song recordings as well as the rights to the songs themselves, Swift said in a recent tweet.

Music education sophomore Shelby Kocian said she’s always been a big fan of Swift, listening to her as far back as when she released her debut album. Music in general was an essential part of her childhood.

Kocian grew up listening to country music, but over the years, her preference changed to pop, which coincided well with Swift’s shift in sound.

When she first heard that Swift was rerecording her old music, Kocian didn’t know about the situation between Swift and her record label. After finding out, Kocian felt bad for Swift but is still excited to see what happens next, she said.



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