UT Arlington to debut 2 campus record labels

The six members of the record label and studio management class stand in the recording studio Nov. 21 in the Fine Arts Building. The class offers students the experience of working in a recording studio.

The Department of Music will launch a record label and its imprint before Christmas, said Dan Cavanagh, director of music industry studies.

Cavanagh is the executive producer of the two record labels, UT Arlington Records and UTA Student Records, he said. He will be in charge of coordinating who records and what they record.

UT Arlington Records will release music made by the faculty, staff and large student ensembles, Cavanagh said, whereas UTA Student Records will release music made by the students.

Music media senior Brandon Poe said they schedule the talent and set up the equipment before recording. After recording, it can take a day or a month to edit and mix the song. Then, a sound engineer masters and produces the track, he said.

Students are allowed to collaborate, Poe said. However, it is difficult to work around their schedules.

The flexibility to record whatever and whenever is the greatest thing about the studio, Poe said. In addition, it is free to access.

Communication is difficult because the students are required to talk to the university, college, department and faculty about recording, Poe said.

The faculty and staff record label will mainly release classical and jazz music, while the student record label will primarily release pop music, Cavanagh said.

The two records will be marketed differently, Cavanagh said. UT Arlington Records will release CDs, and UTA Student Records will probably only release music on streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Other than streaming services, different releases will require different platforms based on individual recordings, Cavanagh said.

“We’re hoping to kind of have a partnership with UTA Radio,” Cavanagh said.

In order to access the recording studio, students must be music majors, Cavanagh said. In 2009, the studio finished refurbishing an acoustic treatment, closet, isolation booth and wall.

Poe said the recording studio is for nonprofit records and is focused solely on creative freedom.

“It’s not as easy as just recording something at your house in GarageBand and throwing it on SoundCloud,” Poe said.

Music media senior Caleb Moore said he wrote and recorded two original songs, “Here” and “Whatever Comes My Way,” this semester for the student record label’s extended play.

Moore started singing at 7 years old and playing piano at 5 years old because he comes from a musical family, he said.

“I love just the way singing can change your mood instantly,” Moore said.

Record label and studio management is one of the most rewarding classes he has taken, Poe said. He learned the ins and outs of the recording, producing and releasing processes.

“It’s [a] great experience for students to be able to do this while they’re still an undergrad and not have to wait until they’re an intern or something,” Cavanagh said.

Cavanagh hopes the record label will stand for quality music with high artistic achievement. Also, it will be a great marketing and recruiting tool for the university and the department, he said.

“We really want this to be a place for the community at UT Arlington to showcase the talent we have,” Cavanagh said.



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