After over a decade, two Music Department professors released their album The Diaries of Adam and Eve in November 2019.

The classical album features Jack Unzicker, double bass associate professor, on double bass and Martha Walvoord, violin associate professor and Music Department chair, on the violin.

Walvoord received a grant that helped them record and release the final project, she said.

Creating an album has been something the married couple has always wanted to do, Unzicker said.

He said they wanted to have a repertoire so they could travel and perform as a duo while simultaneously creating more music for violin and bass.

The album experiments with the violin and double bass, Walvoord said. It is a unique combination not commonly seen.

She said the album allows the bass to be more soloistic instead of just being the baseline and allows the violin to be more than just the melodic line.

Unzicker said he hopes audiences who typically listen to classical music are fascinated by the use of the two instruments and how their unique sounds overlap. For people new to the genre, he hopes they’ll be encouraged to think and feel in ways they haven’t before.

Once the composers write the music, then the performers have to take the time to practice and master the music. The process was lengthy because they had to balance family and work as well.

This album features pieces from five different composers from all over the country, one of which is Music Department chair Dan Cavanagh. He wrote a song on the album called “Reach,” which he said took about two months to write.

“It’s nice to collaborate with your colleagues in that way,” Cavanagh said.

For music to have a place in society people need to support new composers and new music, Walvoord said. She believes this album is a contribution to sustaining classical music.

“In order for classical music, or music of any genre, to continue to be valid and exist, we have to continue to promote the creation of the art form,” she said.


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