After stormy weather early in the week, weather in the Metroplex is expected to clear up and cool down.

With Sunday’s severe thunderstorm warning and watch, inclement weather could spill over into Monday, but the weather should clear up throughout the rest of the week, said Monique Sellers, National Weather Service meteorologist.

There's a 50% chance of thunderstorms before 8 a.m. on Monday, but the rest of the day will look mostly sunny, according to the National Weather Service forecast.

On Wednesday there’s a 20% chance of thunderstorms, but the day should be mostly sunny, according to the forecast. For the rest of the week, the Metroplex should expect sunny weather.

“There may be a chance for a little rainstorm or two here or there throughout the week,” she said. “For the most part it should be quiet and a lot cooler than we’ve felt the last couple days.”


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