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Reality shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” social media beauty influencers and local drag competitions can be accredited to the success of an art form that was seemingly invisible a decade ago. 

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Gaydar, a slang term used in the LGBTQ community for what is essentially a “magical power” to sense if someone is not heterosexual, is problematic and minimizes the individuality of queer people.

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It doesn’t take much to hear about sex trafficking nowadays. Videos of kidnapping attempts and missing people on Twitter leave users uneasy. Cases like the one involving Jeffrey Epstein, a high-profile billionaire who sexually exploited teenagers for years, dominate the conversation.

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Community Voices columnist Jonathan Demarest thinks critical issues like healthcare are overlooked in the media in favor of coverage of Trump's impeachment investigation.

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Telenovelas are a staple in many Latinx households. For many, they are a form of overdramatic and entertaining storytelling that pulls you in with relatable plotlines and characters.