For better or worse, guns are coming to campus Aug. 1.

There is no changing it.

There is no reversing it.

It is final.

Senate Bill 11, which allows for concealed carry of handguns on public universities in Texas, passed the Texas House of Representatives on May 25. The one thing you can do is share your voice with the administration.

The bill provides campus presidents with the power to designate specific gun-free zones. These zones cannot be used to issue a blanket ban across campus.

During Pizza with the President last week, President Vistasp Karbhari said UTA has been tasked to hear the opinions that everyone has, look at it in a logical and thoughtful manner and come up with recommendations to address campus carry.

This is where you come in.

Karbhari said he wants to have a lot of open dialogue at town hall meetings to get the UTA community’s input. The Shorthorn was at the first town hall meeting with about 40 other people.

With a campus of about 40,000 students, that’s meager.

It doesn’t matter if you are pro- or anti-campus carry. Help the university make the final decision.

Karbhari will submit any provisions and proposed gun-free zones to the UT Board of Regents after the end of the semester.

Do you think having gun-free zones makes those areas less safe?

Do you think registering CHL holders makes them targets?

Will you be leaving UTA when campus carry goes into effect?

Go to these meetings and be heard. It’s time to stop commenting behind the veil of social media. Be present at these meetings, muster up the confidence to have your voice heard and try to make a difference.

It’s worth a shot.

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