The routine of skipping meals, relying on caffeine, little sleep or similar habits are what many students may be used to. Between school and a social life, we often feel as if there is little time left over for other things such as sleep and exercise.

For the most part, many students can use more sleep. All students, however, can use some form of exercise in their day-to-day routine.

Many students find it hard to carve out time for a workout during busy days on campus. The thought of working out either in the morning, midday or in the evening may seem exhausting, but the effects of a 30- or 45-minute workout a day may have quite the opposite effect.

Working out, in particular cardiovascular exercise, releases endorphins. Endorphins are your “happy hormone”; they give a sense of relief and boost your mood. This hormone is the reason that individuals get a “runner’s high” during their workout and for long after. The word “running,” however, scares off many individuals. But cardiovascular exercise is not only limited to running. It is also pertains to walking, which many students already do.

Christina Gorman

Gorman is a nursing sophomore and Counseling and Psychological Services ambassador.

Depending on your metabolic rate, speed-walking for one hour a day can burn up to four hundred calories. Along with an intense caloric burn, endorphins are released, improving your mood and mental focus.

There are more benefits to exercising as a whole than just an improved mood and sharper mental focus. Exercising consistently for three to four times a week can help regulate your sleep schedule and aid in having more restful sleep.

Along with better sleep, exercise can improve self-confidence. Sticking with some type of regiment for at least one month can tone your muscles to a visible point of change.

Exercising has many benefits. Among the physical and mood-boosting ones, it is also linked to reducing both anxiety and depression.

Exercise in general is a beneficial and holistic approach when it comes to living a more balanced life, especially as a student. This can start simply with walking, lifting weights, cycling or even shooting some hoops.

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