Letter from the editor: The Shorthorn pledges to continue delivering accurate, fair news to community

To students, faculty and staff: 

Hello, Mavericks.

This semester has been a journey, for sure. But we are reaching the final day of classes before finals begin.

UTA has gone through quite a few changes this semester. Incoming President Jennifer Cowley will begin her term April 28. The university is moving into the Western Athletic Conference. The next academic year will be something new for the UTA community. 

Before the semester is done, I want to thank The Shorthorn readers for keeping up with our coverage this semester and semesters prior. 

Hopefully, y’all have done something new and exciting this semester, whether it’s taking a class you didn’t think would be fun or going to a new campus event.

Whatever it was, I hope you learned more about yourself and UTA. 

I joined The Shorthorn back in fall 2018 as a freshman. In a couple of weeks, I am graduating. 

How time flies by. 

Through my time at The Shorthorn, I have learned so much about myself. I never imagined running this newsroom, but I learned so much as editor-in-chief and in every role that got me here. I learned from every single editor before me and every staff member that I came across. 

If you have a passion for journalism, writing, photography, design, engagement or just want to try something new, The Shorthorn is the place to be. 

You will be challenged every day to do better and be better. 

The Shorthorn has not only allowed me to find internship opportunities, but it has also provided me with lifelong friendships that I would not trade for the world. 

You find your people at The Shorthorn. You find that it is more than just a group of student journalists but a tight-knit community. You create fun experiences no one else would understand. 

You take care of each other in the University Center basement, making sure that your friends have food or have left the newsroom at least once that day. 

The people are the best part of this place. 

You will find that they will challenge you, professionally, to really think about your actions and thoughts. Ultimately, you will leave this place as a better person.

I learned how to be a better reporter, leader and person during my time here.

I also received various scholarships for rent and school necessities. I gained valuable work examples and habits that have prepared me for life after college.   

The Shorthorn can teach you many things, but you have to choose to invest in yourself and in this place to get anything out of it. I hope you decide that this could be the place for you. 

You won’t regret it.  

I hope everyone finishes the semester strong. 

Get some sleep and stay hydrated. 

Best of luck on finals!



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