UTA Athletics announces incremental plan for student athletes to return to campus

A Sun Belt referee walks across midcourt prior to the start of a UTA basketball game against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Jan. 30 at College Park Center.

Student athletes will return to campus incrementally starting July 20, UTA Athletics stated in its return plan.

To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, student athletes will complete a daily symptoms survey and have daily temperature checks taken. In addition, the student athletes will not have access to locker rooms for an indefinite amount of time, the plan stated.

The return dates are as follows:

Men’s and Women’s Basketball: July 20.

Volleyball: July 27.

Other sports: Incrementally in August.

All student athletes are requested to isolate as much as possible 14 days prior to their return to campus as well as partake in a mandatory COVID-19 educational video session. Once completed, student athletes will then be asked to sign a COVID-19 acknowledgment form, according to the plan.

Once on campus, student athletes and staff will be tested at most every four weeks and will not be allowed to participate in any physical activity until their results are in. After being cleared medically, student athletes will begin strength and conditioning training.

If a test comes back positive, however, that person will be required to immediately self-isolate for 14 days.

Whenever possible, student athletes will be expected to adhere to social distancing measures, including wearing a mask, maintaining a 6-foot distance from other people and avoiding large social gatherings, according to the plan.



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